Pool Care 101

At Kona Pool Service we understand that every pool is unique. However, every pool does require three things to stay functioning properly; chemical balance, circulation, and filtration. We believe providing quality service and information is the key to optimal pool care for our customers. In doing so, there are many ways Kona Pool Service can help.

Over the Phone
Whether you are a first time owner or have had a pool for many years… Kona Pool Service will always be happy to help with questions you might have. We believe that the ability to have happy customers is to have knowledgeable customers that are not afraid to ask questions.  If you have concerns or quick questions, we can happily assist you over the phone.
Pool School
If lending our advice over the phone is not enough, we can set up an appointment for a minimal service fee. At your convenience, we can come to your home and give you a Pool School which can teach you the basics you need to understand your pool’s equipment and functionality. Pool School is a time to have the attention of our technicians to teach you the operation of your equipment and what you need to know to keep your pool clean and at its optimal operation.
Repair and Maintenance
If you are in need of repair or additional maintenance, Kona Pool Service, is able to assist you.  Our pool techs are trained to take care of all your pool maintenance needs.  Please call for an appointment and pricing today!
One of our associates will promptly contact you to schedule an appointment.